Yanet Garcia Flaunts Her Ass In A Lingerie Video

Former Mexican weather girl turned professional social media slut Yanet Garcia flaunts her world famous ass in lingerie in the video above.

It couldn’t be more obvious that with this video Yanet Garcia is hoping to seduce us incredibly virile Muslim men to come pound out her plump Meso-American rump with our enormous meat scuds, as she exclaims “I’m ready lets go!” while holding up the #2 to indicate that she wants it in her second hole. Not only that but Yanet also films herself performing erotic womanly housework, and is making brownies a clear sexual ANALogy to her intense desire to have her own brownie hole violently ripped open by a Muslim’s massive manhood.

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Yes it is clear that Yanet Garcia desperately wants to become an anal only concubine in the harems of us Muslim men, and she is going to continue prostituting her bulbous booty in lingerie in videos and selfies like the ones above until we sodomize these sinful desires out of her.