What Is That On Olivia Wilde’s Face?

olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad

What is this mysterious white cream covering actress Olivia Wilde’s face? It appears as though either Olivia Wilde is terribly messy when eating cinnamon buns, or that she forgot to wipe the spunk from her face after a facial.

Could Olivia Wilde be trying to set a new trend by walking around with man juice coating her face? Clearly this seems to be the logical direction Western whores would take now that they have exposed every part of their shameful feminine bodies.

Let us hope that this Olivia Wilde cum pic is an aberration, and that the infidel females do not start parading around with ejaculate dripping off their faces for attention. However, when it comes to the depravity of Western women it is hard to be optimistic. Allahu Akbar!