Victoria Justice Twitters Obscene Hand Gesture

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Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice took to her Twitter account today to tweet the above picture of herself making an obscene hand gesture to her fans.

Victoria Justice is flashing a “V”, which as everyone knows is lesbian code for “vagina”. Victoria is signaling to her fans that she is horny and needs to score some vagina as soon as possible.

While Victoria’s lesboqueer tendencies have already condemned her to hell, (and hopefully soon a morality trial under Sharia law) she has no right to try and corrupt her female fan base with these provocative pictures. Especially considering Victoria Justice’s fans are extremely dim-witted young teen girls.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a large uptake in hot young teen lesbian girls kissing, rubbing, and exploring their nubile bodies since Victoria released this pic. So if you happen to catch any hot teen girls making sweet passionate love be sure to document the event and send it to us here at Celeb Jihad. We will use this as evidence against Victoria Justice when Sharia law is imposed on America. Allahu Akbar!