Salma Hayek Sexy Stripper Compilation (9 Pics + Video Scenes)

The Fappening Blog video below present the new compilation of Salma Hayek’s stripper scenes from the movies  “Americano”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, and “Dogma” color-corrected and enhanced in UHD.




Salma Hayek is stepping out on stage at a strip club in a mesh body suit with a bra and panties on over it. As she dances, she first peels the bra off to reveal her breasts with black pasties over her nipples. She then lays down on the stage and slides the panties off, revealing a tiny thong underneath before continuing to dance around a pole as a guy watches. After her dance, she sits down at a table with the guy before zipping up a shirt over her see-through bodysuit.


‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

Salma Hayek is doing a very hot dance on stage while wearing a bikini-style outfit and holding a big snake around her neck.



Salma Hayek shaking her breasts around while wearing pink panties and a bra as she does a sexy dance onstage at a strip club.



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