Pamela Anderson Is Looking Really Old

pam-anderson, celeb-jihad

After years of being rode hard and put up wet, infidel sex symbol Pamela Anderson looks as old as dirt, and about as attractive in the photo above.

Only the sick drug addled minds in the West could find this dried up husk of a woman with her saggy tits, dusty vagina, and prolapsed uterus appealing.

Just looking at Pam Anderson’s hep C ravaged face, and rapidly receding hairline has turned the goat’s milk and figs in my stomach. Luckily I have just the antidote for this STD ridden grandma with the photo below.


pam-anderson, celeb-jihad

Behold a truly enticing sight that will settle the stomach, calm the mind, and awaken the loins of any red-blooded Muslim man.