Miley Cyrus Showing Her Butt In The Shower

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There is little Miley Cyrus won’t do to please us virile Muslim men as she has a passionate love for Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, and obeying the teachings of the Holy Qur’an.

That is why it comes as no surprise that Miley Cyrus took this glorious picture of her bare soapy ass in the shower, so that Imams will be able to inspect Miley’s hindquarters to insure its quality and cleanliness. Once Miley Cyrus’ rump is thoroughly examined by no less than 5 Imams, they will reach a consensus and issue a grade.

If Miley is able to receive an A, she will no doubt find herself being purchased for top dollar by a powerful Muslim man (most likely a clan elder but possibly a Shiek). Not bad for a girl who was once infidel white trash from Tennessee, and further proof that through Allah anything is possible!