Miley Cyrus Has Sex With Harry Styles

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Miley Cyrus and “One Direction” singer Harry Styles share a post-coital embrace in bed in the photo above.

After breaking up with degenerate slut Taylor Swift, Harry Styles was in desperate need of some guidance and a good lay. Luckily for Harry converted Muslimina Miley Cyrus was there for him with open arms and spread legs in his time of need.

No doubt Miley spent the night introducing Harry to the glorious teachings of Islam, as well as giving him a taste of the carnal pleasures that come with being a Muslim man.

Harry Styles will now certainly swear allegiance to the one true God Allah, and use his crappy boy band to recruit nubile women to serve in our holy Muslim harems. May Allah reign blessings down upon Miley for once again using her kind heart and moist lady parts in service to Islam.