Miley Cyrus Face Down Ass Up Thong Bikini Pic

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

Miley Cyrus poses with her face down and her ass up in a thong bikini while visiting a brothel in Dubai in the photo above.

Miley and her fellow concubines are demonstrating the only Qur’an approved position for a woman when she is about to be vigorously penetrated. Not only must Miley Cyrus face away from the man but her eyes should be downcast at all times, and she should show absolutely no signs of sexual enjoyment (which is no easy task when receiving carnal pleasures from a virile Muslim).

Yes nothing is more erotic than a woman prostrating herself before a man, as Miley is doing in this photo. With such a sensually humble pose by the end of the night Miley will certainly receive more than her fill of both dinars, and quarts of potent Islamic man juice.