Mila Kunis Nude Webcam Video Uncovered

Before making it big in heathen Hollywood as an actress, Mila Kunis appears to have worked as a nude webcam model (like 97% of the women in her homeland of Ukraine), as you can see from the recently uncovered scandalous video above.

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise to see a brazen degenerate Soviet slut like Mila vigorously dildoing her sex hole on a webcam for a few rubles. However, what is surprising is how little Mila’s English has improved since the time this video was taken.

In fact, with such an annoying voice who would have guessed that Mila’s longest and most lucrative role would be that of a voice actress on the hit cartoon TV series “Family Guy”. Mila certainly must have used all of her nude cam girl experience to really work creator Seth MacFarlane’s gaping homoqueer anus hole over with her collection of sex toys to land that job.