Melissa Benoist Nude With Her Legs Spread

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“Supergirl” star Melissa Benoist poses nude with her legs spread in the shocking promo photo above.

Clearly Melissa Benoist’s superpower is being a tremendous whore. Perhaps if Melissa was a pious Muslimina and exhibited halal powers like being able to plow a field faster than a speeding AK-47 bullet, plant more powerful roadside bombs than an IED, and leap tall Israeli checkpoints in a single bound, us Muslims would watch the show and she wouldn’t have to resort to naked photos just to try and boost ratings.

Yes the West’s perception of a “Supergirl” being some plain jane looking skank who shows off her pussy speaks volumes about the hopelessly depraved core of infidel society. For instead of glorifying women for being dutiful wives and mothers, they indulge in this ridiculous feminist fantasy about a woman being super strong and heroic. Certainly Melissa Benoist and her fellow feminists are going to be in for a rude awakening the first time they mouth off to a powerful Muslim man and get sent flying across the room from just a small taste of the back of his hand.