Kirsten Dunst Nude Scene From “Melancholia” Color Corrected In HD

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Kirsten Dunst’s nude scene from the movie “Melancholia” is expertly color corrected and provided in high definition in the video below.

It certainly is important that these sorts of artsy poorly lit and colored celebrity nude scenes be remastered, so that the actress’s blasphemous degeneracy is fully exposed and appreciated. For when she eventually stands trial in Sharia court one would hate for Kirsten to get off on a technicality with just a flogging, instead of the lapidation she so richly deserves.

Yes this Kirsten Dunst color corrected nude scene leaves little doubt that she is an irredeemable whore who needs to be sent down to Jahannam to begin an eternity of burning in the hellfire. For it is certainly impossibly for any red-blooded Muslim male to watch this crystal clear HD video and think anything else.