Keira Knightley Nude Spanking Scene From “A Dangerous Method”

The video above features Keira Knightley’s nude and spanking scenes from the movie “A Dangerous Method”.

In the film Keira plays a crazy woman who is saved from her psychosis by her therapist when he bends her over and spanks her ass. Of course us Muslims have long known that a good hard spanking is the right medicine for nearly all of a woman’s troubles. Unfortunately for Keira she soon realizes that her shrink is just pretending to be a real man, and that he can not pound on her tight little English ass nearly as hard as she needs him to.

Keira Knightley would be wise to take her tiny pleasingly androgynous titties to the Middle East to serve under the heel of a powerful Muslim man, for we know how to treat a woman right. Not to brag but I just recently beat the living shit out of my 5th wife Fawzia when I caught her stealing table scraps, and you should have heard the way she moaned and groaned while I pummeled her. If she ever comes out of the coma, I’m sure she’d tell Keira that it was one of the best thrashings she has ever received.