Karen Gillan Nude Photo Released

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“Guardians of the Galaxy” star and saucy Scottish redheaded minx Karen Gillan poses nude in the photo above.

The holy Qur’an teaches that red hair is a sure sign of a lustful djinn infestation, and that it is best to dispose of redheaded girls at birth as they have no hope of living a chaste and moral life. Following this sage advice us Muslims have successfully eradicated all ginger genes from our superior bloodlines.

Of course in the degenerate Western world redheaded sluts like Karen Gillan are foolishly allowed to flourish and reproduce, posing nude in photos like the one above and polluting an already muddied gene pool with their wicked lecherous scarlet phenotype. When Islam finally conquers the West us Muslims will certainly have our work cut out for us cleaning Karen Gillan and her fellow redheaded sluts out of the Western gene pool. Luckily, much like a real pool, a generous dousing in acid should do the trick.