Justin Bieber has Sex with a Manatee

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber has been caught up in a bizarre sex scandal involving a manatee, CelebJihad has confirmed. The singer was photographed off the coast of Florida earlier this month frolicking and ultimately fornicating with the rotund aquatic beast.

According to witnesses, the manatee approached Bieber while he was swimming alone after shooting a video near Miami. After some initial flirting, and a playful chase, the bulbous creature flipped onto its stomach and presented its gigantic backside to the singer, signaling him to penetrate. Bieber obliged, and mounted the animal. The entire exchange lasted about two minutes.

Known for their friendly nature and their large size, curious manatees have often been spotted approaching beach goers. However, this is the first known case of human/manatee copulation. The animal involved was particularity large and dimwitted, leading experts to speculate that it may been have suffering from mental retardation, which could have caused the inter-species confusion.