Jennifer Lawrence Grabs Emma Watson’s Boob

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Jennifer Lawrence grabs Emma Watson’s boob at the Met Gala after party in the photo above.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see both Jennifer and Emma enjoying engaging in this brazen lesbodyke behavior, as Jen tweaks Emma’s twisted titties in public in this pic. For Jennifer and Emma have a lot in common with both being self-professed “feminists” who take nude photos and then not so securely sync them to their Apple iCloud accounts.

Yes Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are certainly kindred spirits, and so it was inevitable that they would eventually get together to greatly offend Islam with their whorish antics. One can only hope that Jennifer was simply checking Emma’s udders for tit cancer, and that these two degenerate dykes are not about to partake in some sort of Satanic lesbian sex session… For the thought of Jennifer and Emma tonguing each others sin slits is certainly a sickening one.