Jennette McCurdy Nipple Slip Video And Bikini Pics

Former Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy slips a nipple while rehearsing the famous lift scene from “Dirty Dancing” with some weak limp-wristed homoqueer in the video above.

Despite the fact that this Jennette McCurdy nip slip appears to have been filmed on the Potato 5000, one can still see Jennette’s sinful areola quite clearly as her titty pops out of her top both times while attempting this lift.

If this nipple display wasn’t bad enough Jennette then took her butter face to the beach, and squeezed her boobies while showing off her body in a bikini. While it is certainly commendable that Jennette tried to hide her mule face with over-sized sunglasses and a baseball cap, far too much of it is still visible to make these pics attractive. Next time Jennette takes photos like these she should do us all a favor and wear the hijab… or at the very least put a paper bag on her head.


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