Hayden Panettiere Has Body Image Issues

hayden-panettiere, celeb-jihad

As you can see by the look on her face in the picture above, actress Hayden Panettiere has serious body image issues. Instead of being happy that Allah gave her the body of a prepubescent boy, leave it to a crybaby like Hayden Panettiere to pout about.

Hayden’s boyish frame is a blessing! She does not have to worry about men looking upon her with lustful urges because she has no feminine characteristics. Sure she is going to have trouble landing a husband and birthing children with those narrow hips, but at least when she finally does lay with a man she can take comfort in the fact that he is not enjoying her body and is probably imaging that she is a young boy.

Hayden Panettiere needs to learn to be grateful for the sexually ambiguous body Allah has given her for it truly his a blessing. Allahu Akbar!