Emmy Rossum Looks Sexy as the Iconic Billboard Queen of Los Angeles (9 Pics + Video)

First look trailer of biopic Angelyne shows Emmy Rossum as the iconic billboard queen of Los Angeles. NBC’s new streaming service Peacock has unveiled the first trailer for its highly-anticipated mini-series Angelyne.

The trailer features the first footage of Emmy Rossum as the title character, the blonde bombshell who became known for creating billboards of herself around Los Angeles in the early 1980s. The trailer also offers glimpses of the supporting cast, including Martin Freeman, who is seen first in the trailer, whose character works for a billboard company. He is incredulous when Angelyne tells him she wants to put up billboards of herself around town.

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The title cards flash reading: “Before reality TV, before social media,” along with clips of Rossum as Angelyne during her media appearances as a broadcaster states: “The mystery of Angelyne has become a media obsession.” An interviewer asks her what she’s famous for, and she plainly states: “I’m famous for being on billboards,” adding: “I am a bright pink light here to inspire joy.”

The four episode mini-series is based a Hollywood Reporter article from 2017 which uncovered her true identity, which she had never revealed. While Angelyne did act in movies such as Earth Girls are Easy and release albums such as Driven to Fantasy, she’s best known for promoting herself through her billboards. She is considered by many to be a pioneer of self-promotion that ultimately paved the way for others like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and a generation of ‘influencers’. NBC’s streaming service Peacock is slated to debut on July 15, 2020 but it has not yet been revealed if Angelyne will debut on that date or on a later date.



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