Emma Watson Laying Naked On Her Bed

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Saucy English strumpet Emma Watson lays naked on top of her bed in the “cheeky” photo above.

I’m sure Emma thinks that this naked picture is just some innocent fun, as she gives the “lads” something to “wank” their “nobs” too now that the “footie” season is over. Unfortunately for Emma us pious Muslims don’t find anything interesting or amusing about her shameful nude body, and are in fact sickened and offended by the sight of it.

Thankfully we will not have to suffer seeing Emma’s exposed flesh for long, for thanks to Britain’s liberal immigration policy and enormous native homoqueer population, Muslims will soon be the majority. Then Buckingham palace will be converted into a mosque, and that old bag of a Queen will get kicked to the curb. Sharia law will be established in the United Kingdom of Islam, and pasty “slags” like Emma Watson will get pelted with stones larger than the ones at Stonehenge.