Emma Stone Tries To Seduce Muslim Men

emma-stone, celeb-jihad

In a desperate attempt to get taken to Poundtown by a virile Muslim man, Emma Stone is running the above commercial throughout the Islamic world.

Of course Emma Stone is a fool and will never get sexed by a Muslim after running an ad like this. In fact the only banging she is likely to receive from us Muslims will be from the banging of rocks off of her insolent infidel head if she continues to pursue our enormous Islamic dongs in such an aggressive manner.

Emma Stone needs to realize that us Muslims are not like the limp-dicked homoqueer Jews she is use to in the heathen US of A. We are strong manly men who require women show us the utmost respect before we grace their sinful lady holes with our powerful giant Islamic flesh swords. Us Muslim men will certainly not be pushed around by a sass-mouthed female like Emma Stone demanding we “bang”.