Emma Stone Is A Masturbation Obsessed Lesbian

As you can see in the video above, Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone appears to be completely obsessed with masturbating her shameful silky smooth sin slit.

Of course if Emma would have been circumcised at birth and had her sin bean turned into a nub of desensitized scar tissue like our girls in the civilized Islamic world, perhaps she wouldn’t be the hopelessly degenerate onanist that she is today.

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Unfortunately when Emma Stone is not knuckles deep in her own cock box jilling off, she is engaged in blasphemous lesbodyking (as you can see in the video clips below).

Yes this lesboqueer behavior is no doubt also a symptom of her overactive unshorn moist pink pussy mound…

Give me some goggles, a pair of pliers, a belt sander, and my trusty scimitar, and you better believe I could permanently cure Emma Stone of these depraved behaviors and turn her into a chaste Allah fearing woman.