Chloe Bennet Thong Bikini Ass Pic Leaked

chloe-bennet, celeb-jihad

Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” star Chloe Bennet’s boyfriend accidentally posted the private thong bikini ass pic of Chloe above to his Instagram account and then immediately removed it, but not before the “Agents of Jihad” were able to save the image so that we could present it for all to see in its degenerate glory.

Chloe Bennet certainly has a fine shapely booty, but this photo would be infinitely more erotic if instead of her being up to her knees in some luxurious hot tub overlooking the ocean while wearing a tight wet thong, Chloe was up to her knees in manure overlooking a freshly fertilized poppy field while in a burka and plow harness.

Yes it is clear from this photo of Chloe Bennet’s plump powerful rump that her true calling in life is to serve as a beast of burden on a Muslim’s farm. Of course if Chloe does an admirable job out in the fields she will be rewarded with an extra serving of figs in her trough and the occasional sodomizing by her virile Muslim master. Certainly that is a far more pleasurable existence then starring on a poorly written comic book TV show as the token “hot girl” masturbation fodder for infidel nerds.