Charisma Carpenter Sex Tape Video

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“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and 1990’s sex symbol Charisma Carpenter allegedly had the graphic sex tape video below leaked online.

Before viewing this video let me warn you that in it Charisma Carpenter squeals like a pig while getting all three of her orifices plowed by some grunting buffoon, who finishes her off with a kinky ass to mouth facial.

Of course the sex in this Charisma Carpenter homemade porno is rather tame by heathen Hollywood standards, as most actresses are very familiar with the taste of their own anus on a man’s cock.

However, the fact that this video was filmed back in the 1990’s on a large clunky hand held VHS video camera is quite impressive, for the framing and overall quality is quite good. Clearly the monkey worshiping Darwinians are wrong and the human race is de-evolving, as this video is filmed better than nearly all of the amateur porn recorded on the easy to handle high definition cell phone cameras of today.