Ariana Grande’s Sex Workout With Muslim Man

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Ariana Grande finally reveals the secret to her world famous fit round ass in the nude sex workout photo above.

As you can from this photo, Ariana Grande owes her tight booty to her intense training regime of riding a Muslim man’s mighty meat scud. Of course this Muslim’s manhood is well below average by Islamic standards, but that works out well for Ariana for even an average sized tunic snake would easy split her in two.

Yes Ariana knows that there is no better exercise for a woman’s rump them to ride up and down on a Muslim’s massive rod while milking out his potent man juice into her lady hole. Of course if Ariana doesn’t want to plateau then she should mix in some variety to her routine. For certainly a few sets of field plowing, well digging, and bareback anal sexing would help take her hindquarter gains to the next level.