Anna Kendrick Shows Her Bra And Panties In Esquire

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Anna Kendrick shows her bra and panties to help promote her new movie “Pitch Perfect 2” in the photos below from Esquire magazine.

Of course what is surprising about these photos is that Anna Kendrick bothers to wear bras and panties at all. For despite looking like a chipmunk Anna has managed to be a star of both stage and screen, so she must spend the majority of her time naked on her back trying to convince Zionist producers to give her butterface another juicy starring role.

After seeing these photos it is clear that the only thing that would sound “pitch perfect” to us righteous Muslims is Anna Kendrick’s wailing while being flogged with stiff Nile reeds for her numerous crimes against Islam. For the holy Qur’an is very clear that singing, perky tits, and smart-mouthed women with overbites are haram, and Anna Kendrick shamelessly embodies all three of these egregious sin.


celeb-jihad, anna-kendrick celeb-jihad, anna-kendrick celeb-jihad, anna-kendrick