Alexis Ren’s Top 5 Videos Of The Month

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Alexis Ren is perhaps the most famous of the new wave of celebrity harlots who are known exclusively for prostituting their blasphemous nearly nude female bodies on social media.

Of course as a full time attention whore, the amount of brazenly depraved material that Alexis puts out on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts is substantial. If we were to report on it all this holy Islamic website would be overwhelmed, and we would end up covering nothing else.

That is why we have consolidated Alexis Ren’s degeneracy, and compiled her top 5 most offensively slutty social media videos of the month into the list below.


Alexis in a short skirt on a balcony. Sadly she is not about to jump off (or it would have been #1 on our list).


Us Muslims don’t know what this “Pilates” is, but I think it is safe to assume that it is some sort of new sex drug infidel whores like Alexis are popping.


Finally a video of Alexis doing some domestic work in the kitchen. Unfortunately she ruins it by dancing around, and cooking a haram egg white omelette.


Alexis appears to be on something in this video. Probably tripping after popping one too many Pilates.


Alexis Ren’s world famous ass in a thong swimsuit. As pleasingly tight as any bacha bazi (dancing boy), yet sadly attached to this wanton Jezebel of a woman.